Medically Supervised Weightloss

Medical Weight Management

W eightloss is often one of the most difficult tasks that we encounter as human beings. Maintaining a healthy weight can be a hard balance, especially when hormones, thyroid or other significant health issues play a role. Medical weight loss is weight management based on medical scientific evidence. Our specialists provide the expert treatment and guidance necessary to help you achieve weight loss and maintain it for life.

Our weight loss plans consists of:
Medical supervision
Lab Testing as necessary
Prolon Weightloss Plan
Styku Body Composition Analysis
Medications when necessary
One one one health coaching
Exercise plans that fit your lifestyle

What is Styku?
Styku is a 3-D Body Scanner that is the gold standard for precise body measurements. This non-invasive body scanner automates the measureing process to give you the most precise and indepth values. It is completely autonomous and private, so there is no need to feel self conscious about your measurements, body composition and fat stores. The scan takes only 35 seconds, and only 40 seconds processing time (the fastest scanner on the market). You can get your scan in leggings, shorts, or any form fitting clothing. You'll go over your scan with your consultant so you understand the data and how to use it in your weightloss / weight management program.

What's different about our medical weightloss?
From the first visit, to reaching your weight goal, to maintaining a healthy lifestyle —our weight management specialsits will be by your side, helping with any questions concerning your diet and individual weight loss plan. We understand that for many, the hardest part isn’t losing the weight—it's keeping it off. After losing the initial weight and completing the weight loss plans, our staff will be by your side helping you maintain a new healthy lifestyle beyond our weight loss center. What do you have to lose, except the weight?

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