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BodyTite Liposuction

Skin Tightening in Ardmore, Oklahoma

Are you looking to get rid of back fat? Or have you always had protruding belly fat and arms that jiggle and wobble? Discover our BodyTite liposuction services in Ardmore, near Oklahoma City and Dallas, and take the first step toward achieving the toned and contoured body you’ve always dreamed of.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat from the body through suction. This is done by using small, thin, sharp-tipped tubes called cannulas to literally suck out the fat from different areas of the body. Primarily, liposuction is used to remove fat from places such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, chin, neck, arms, and back. It is not recommended for those looking to lose weight since it does not target deep fat reserves. A treatment for reducing localized pockets of fat or bulges that have proven to be difficult to lose with a healthy diet and exercise alone.  

What Is BodyTite?

BodyTite is a state-of-the-art body contouring procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to shrink stubborn fat and tighten loose skin. During the procedure, a small incision is made in the target area, then an insulated probe is inserted, which transmits precisely controlled radiofrequency energy. This energy generates heat, which causes the fat cells to shrink, while at the same time stimulating collagen production, resulting in body tightening – firmer and tighter skin.

What Is BodyTite? Dr. Ramirez Explains the BodyTite Procedure – RFAL (Radiofrequency-Assisted Lipolysis)

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What is The Technology Behind BodyTite?

BodyTite uses RFAL (Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis) technology to eliminate fat and firm up the skin layers by delivering energy internally and externally. This form of technology is considered a safe and effective method of fat removal, with minimal risk of complications. The RFAL technology produces heat with two main outcomes. Initially, it disturbs and disintegrates the fat cells, making them easier to get rid of. After that, the heat encourages the creation of collagen, a protein that helps to firm and tighten the skin. This blend of fat extraction and skin tightening provides much more significant and enduring outcomes than classic liposuction. BodyTite has been proven to be safe and effective in over 20 peer-reviewed publications.  

What Areas Can Be Treated?

If you can imagine it, it can be treated: abdomen, arms, chest, flanks, back, neck, jawline, muffin-top, knees, and inner/outer thighs are some of the most common treatment zones. It can be used to tighten the jawline, redefine the chin and lift the neck for a non-surgical facelift. BodyTite can even be used as a non-surgical breast lift and can reduce unwanted breast tissue in men (gynecomastia). It can improve the intimate areas for women with incision-less labial reduction, reducing up to 50% of the labia without having to undergo a surgical procedure. Multiple areas can be treated in one visit.  

Are You a Good Candidate For BodyTite?

BodyTite is an outstanding choice for people who have found it hard to shed persistent fat in certain parts of their body, even with a proper diet and exercise program. Though it is not a weight-loss alternative, the BodyTite procedure assists those near their optimal weight to attain a more toned and chiseled shape. This is a minimally invasive aesthetic enhancement that can provide a great confidence boost. Good candidates for BodyTite liposuction are:
  • Individuals who have localized areas of stubborn fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.
  • Those who have a stable weight and are close to their ideal body weight.
  • People with good skin elasticity, as this can help ensure optimal results.
  • Individuals who are in good overall health and have no pre-existing medical conditions that could affect the healing process.

The BodyTite Liposuction Procedure Step by Step

If you’re considering BodyTite liposuction, you may be wondering what the procedure involves. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what you can expect during the BodyTite liposuction procedure:   BodyTite step by step    

Step 1: Local Anesthesia

Before starting the process, you will be given local anesthesia by using oral medication to ensure that you are relaxed throughout the process. Our experienced staff will closely monitor you throughout the procedure to maintain your comfort and safety at all times.  

Step 2: Incisions

Next, the surgeon will create tiny incisions in the particular region. These are usually narrower than a quarter inch and carefully located to decrease noticeable scarring. Through these incisions, the specialist will insert a minute cannula.  

Step 3: Radiofrequency Energy

Once the cannula tube is inserted, the doctor will employ radiofrequency energy to dissolve and draw out unwelcome fat cells. The radiofrequency energy warms up the fat cells, causing them to disintegrate and become liquid. The slender tube is then employed to extract the liquified fat cells.  

Step 4: Skin Tightening

The elimination of fat cells is accompanied by the stimulation of collagen production due to radiofrequency energy. This has a tightening and firming effect on the skin, avoiding drooping or slackening in the area treated and giving it a more youthful and taut look.  

Step 5: Recovery

Once the treatment is wrapped up, you will be closely observed for a little time before being permitted to return home. To facilitate the reduction in swelling and aid recovery, the utilization of compression garments will be recommended. There might be some bruising, tenderness, and puffiness in the area where the procedure was delivered, which should diminish within a few days or weeks.  

Step 6: Results

The eventual outcomes of BodyTite liposuction may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to be fully visible, as the body needs time to adjust and recover. Nevertheless, most patients observe an instantaneous enhancement in the treated region, with further progress over time as inflammation decreases and the skin firms up.

“I had my neck done by Dr. Ramirez. He’s very professional, very polite and I really enjoyed my experience with him. It’s been easy so far so much so that I am asking for three other procedures to be done. If you have any kind of skin sagging, Dr. Ramirez is the doctor to see.” – Angela

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What Is The Difference Between Liposuction And BodyTite?

Liposuction and BodyTite are two different procedures that can be used to address concerns related to unwanted fat deposits. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat from specific areas of the body, typically by making a small incision and suctioning the fat out.  

Recovery and Downtime

The BodyTite process helps reduce fat and tighten skin for desirable cosmetic results. Recovery times vary depending on the volume of fat removed but are generally swift. Some patients report feeling sore or bruised for a few days after the procedure, but downtime is typically minimal. Most patients can return to normal activity within 24 – 48 hours.  

Post-Procedure Results

Patients commonly report an immediate and substantial reduction in fat from their treated areas. The BodyTite procedure uses cutting-edge radiofrequency technology, which reduces fat tissue and tightens skin for a smoother and more toned appearance. Beyond the rapid results, patients can expect continued improvement as swelling subsides and the skin tightens. This will lead to a more youthful, toned look, with improved body contouring and a boost in self-confidence. The outcomes of the BodyTite Procedure are long-lasting, particularly when combined with a healthy lifestyle that consists of routine physical exercise and a balanced diet. Even though the procedure does not prevent future weight gain, it can facilitate refining body contouring and reducing the presence of persistent fat accumulations in the treated area. After the procedure, patients can enjoy smoother, more toned skin with less residual fat, fewer incisions, and a more natural-looking result than traditional liposuction near Oklahoma City.  

Skin Tightening

The treatment combines liposuction with skin tightening in a single treatment. It utilizes advanced radiofrequency technology to provide superior results with minimal risk and faster recovery time. It is a safe and effective procedure that can help with unwanted fat and sagging skin. It can give patients a feeling of rejuvenation and a more youthful appearance. This procedure is popular with those who have tried exercise and dieting with little or no success. Unlike traditional liposuction, the treatment does not produce noticeable scarring or require a long recovery.  

Does BodyTite actually work?

BodyTite induces tissue contraction ranging between 25-45% over time, thus leading to tightening. If you can keep your weight fluctuation within a range of 5 to 10 pounds, the outcomes of BodyTite therapy are expected to persist for several years.  

How painful is BodyTite?

There is no pain experienced during a BodyTite session. We ensure that the areas being treated are sufficiently numbed and then administer a solution that includes a local anesthetic.  

How much does BodyTite cost?

The cost of BodyTite can differ significantly based on the specific needs of each patient. On average, most clinics charge between $2,500 and $5,000 depending upon the area to be treated and how many areas you treat. Your custom pricing will be determined during your consultation with Dr. Ramirez.  

Which is better, BodyTite or CoolSculpting?

Both BodyTite and CoolSculpting are effective in eradicating fat pockets. However, BodyTite offers the additional benefit of skin tightening. It’s minimally invasive, leaves no noticeable scars, requires fewer sessions, and results are visible sooner than with CoolSculpting.  

Does fat come back after BodyTite?

The frequency of treatments will differ from patient to patient. Most patients are very happy with the effectiveness of the BodyTite procedure, as the fat cells it eradicates do not reappear.  

Is BodyTite better than a tummy tuck?

Tummy tucks can potentially provide patients with more defined muscles around the treated region. They can achieve a bit more skin tightening than Bodytite is capable of, with Bodytite offering fat reduction and about 2/3 of the skin tightening seen with a tummy tuck or thigh lift.  

How much fat does BodyTite remove?

BodyTite has the ability to eliminate up to 60% of the fat from a designated area. If you have a mild fatty deposit, BodyTite can remove 3-4 grams per day. This means that for an average of 75 ml of fat, you can anticipate losing approximately 45 ml post-procedure.  

Does BodyTite really tighten skin?

BodyTite treatments can be highly beneficial for individuals seeking fat reduction and freedom from saggy, wrinkled skin. BodyTite is a minimally invasive procedure that shapes, tightens, and lifts without requiring surgery, significant scarring, or extensive recovery time.  

What happens to the fat after BodyTite?

BodyTite can effectively melt minor fat pockets in about 30 – 40 minutes. However, substantial weight gain post-procedure can lead to uneven distribution of fat around the treated area. Extreme weight loss can also influence the longevity of the results.  

Can BodyTite be done without liposuction?

Yes, BodyTite can also be performed as non-surgical liposuction for fat reduction and skin tightening in areas such as the arms, thighs, and buttocks.  

Is BodyTite the same as CoolSculpting?

While both CoolSculpting and BodyTite can eliminate unwanted body fat, they employ drastically different methods. BodyTite liquifies fat cells using radiofrequency before vacuuming them from the treatment site, whereas CoolSculpting freezes the fat cells, which are then naturally expelled by the body.  

How long does it take for skin to tighten after BodyTite?

After undergoing a BodyTite treatment, immediate results in terms of fat reduction, skin tightening, and overall firmness of the treated body areas can be seen. These results continue to improve over time, and full results can typically be observed six to twelve weeks post-procedure.  

How many sessions of BodyTite liposuction are needed?

Typically, satisfactory results can be achieved from just one liposuction session.  

Combining BodyTite Liposuction with Other Procedures for Optimal Results

One frequent pairing is BodyTite Lipo with abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Abdominoplasty can help eradicate extra skin and tighten abdominal muscles, while BodyTite liposuction can eliminate surplus fat from the arena. This collaboration could lead to a smoother, more toned look in the abdominal area. Another popular combination is BodyTite Liposuction with breast augmentation. This two-fold approach can help sculpt the chest region by eliminating excess fat & enlarging the breasts, resulting in a more contoured appearance. Combining BodyTite with dermatology and other plastic surgery methods makes it possible to decrease the total time for rest and convalescence. As a result, patients can reach their desired outcomes more quickly by tackling multiple issues simultaneously.

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Choose the Right Procedure For Liposuction in Ardmore!

BodyTite liposuction is an excellent choice for those looking for a discreet and long-lasting solution for their skin tightening and body sculpting needs. With minimal scarring and little risk of discomfort, you can move confidently toward a tight and toned body. Contact us today to make an appointment in Ardmore, near Oklahoma City and Dallas, and see if BodyTite is right for you!
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