Eurothreads Video – The Non-Surgical Face Lift

Eurothreads Video Summary

This Eurothreads video explains how they are a gentle, non-surgical way to revitalize your face, somewhat like a mini facelift but without the surgery. We use special threads with tiny barbs on them, which we carefully place under your skin. These threads help lift and tighten the skin from within, similar to how a facelift works, but they are less invasive. These threads will naturally dissolve in about a year and a half, offering a noticeable but temporary enhancement. If for any reason you’re not happy with the results, it’s simple for us to remove the threads. There’s also a second type of Euro thread designed specifically for smoothing out fine lines, working a bit like filler injections but without any real downtime. This is a great choice if you’re looking to improve your appearance now while considering more permanent options for the future.

Eurothreads Video Transcript

Eurothreads are a non-surgical type of facial rejuvenation that remains procedural, and barb sutures are these longer sutures placed in the same layer of deeper tissue that is elevated during a facelift. These sutures have barbs that, when elevated and pulled, anchor deeply, employing the same vectors used in a facelift to elevate soft tissues under the skin. However, the outcomes aren’t as long-lasting or dramatic as a facelift, making it not a replacement for one but a perfect tool for patients who may not be ready for a facelift. The sutures are dissolvable, holding strength for about 18 months, and even once they’re gone, the benefits they provided are largely retained. Another positive aspect is the procedure’s reversibility; if a patient dislikes the result, the suture can be removed without lasting harm, possibly leaving only a bruise where the needle was inserted. Preparation involves applying numbing cream to the patient’s face for about half an hour before laying them down and using local anesthetic where the suture is inserted. Patients may feel some pressure but no pain, making the procedure relatively minor. From a downtime perspective, patients may experience bruising similar to that from fillers or Botox due to the needle stick, but not much beyond that.

The second type of Euro threads is used somewhat like fillers, placed in the deeper layers of skin rather than employing barbs, and helps with fine wrinkles. Previously, the primary treatments for fine wrinkles involved procedures with significant downtime, such as laser resurfacing, which required a considerable healing period. With these threads, there is virtually no downtime, offering patients an outcome potentially close to what they might achieve with surgery and buying them a few years until they are ready for a facelift.