Vaginal Morpheus 8

Morpheus8V applicator is a fractional device with programmable penetration depth and energy delivery. Fractional RF energy is delivered through bipolar arrays of micropin electrodes providing sub-epithelial remodeling. Simultaneously, directional RF energy generates bulk sub-necrotic heat in the treated area.


  •  Hair should be shaved – not waxed or chemically removed – in the treatment area 2-4 days prior treatment. Remove any jewelry in the treatment area
  • The patient should empty the bladder prior to the procedure.
  • Treatment area will be cleaned  (vulva, vaginal canal, introitus) with disinfecting solution. Ensure that the treatment area is clean and dry from all residue prior to beginning the procedure.
  • An exam of the treatment area will be done immediately prior to the procedure to visualize the area that is going to be treated.


  • The patient should empty the bladder immediately post procedure.
  •  Patient should avoid very hot water for at least 2 days after the treatment.
  • Patient should avoid mechanical contact with the treated area for at least 2 days.
  • After each treatment session, the patient should be advised to contact the physician if there is any indication of infection, excessive swelling, redness, pain, unusual discharge or any other unusual or untoward symptoms


  • The number of treatment sessions depends on the individual patient and treatment aggressiveness and may vary from 1-5 sessions. Treatments are typically repeated every 3-6 weeks.
  • It is recommended to schedule follow-up session 2-3 days after the treatment to ensure safe healing process.
  • Treatment should be concluded when the results are satisfactory to the patient or according to the physician’s discretion. Generally, 3-5 sessions are needed for mild to moderate depth settings. It is not typical to perform more than five consecutive sessions however more sessions can be performed as per physician discretion. In some instances, 1-2 sessions may be sufficient.
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