Robin Ramirez, NBC-HWC

Robin Ramirez is a National Board-Certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach. She received her training from the Andrew Weil Center of Integrative Medicine. Robin is passionate about helping clients optimize their health through recognizing the importance of health and wellness not just in the body but also the mind and the soul.

Robin has a unique approach to coaching; it is not a relationship of expert and non-expert. Rather Robin sees the relationship as a partnership. Two experts, Robin in the coaching process and the client in themselves, partnering together to optimize their health and wellness. Through this process, Robin helps clients to tap into what motivates them, the “WHY”, and identify their purpose. She helps them evaluate how they are doing in the 7 Core Areas of Health. Using all the data collected, Robin works with the client to establish SMART goals that will enable the client to achieve a healthier lifestyle. An added bonus to working with Robin is that she works alongside her husband, Dr. Ramirez, who is an Integrative Physician. Together they offer you a complete integrative approach to a healthier lifestyle!