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Coronavirus & TeleMed Update from Henry Ramirez MD

We want our patients to know that we are following COVID-19 very closely. We'll do our best to keep you up-to-date with any information that we have from federal programs, our hospital, and of course our clinic. The most important thing that you can do is to follow the instructions laid out for you... wash your hands regularly, practice good social distancing, and stay healthy. Currently we are working to make appointments available to as many patients as possible thru telemedicine to refill needed medications, followup on procedures and offer free consults. Thank you for being a valuable patient and friend. We'll do our best to keep you updated. Please call (580) 224-9000 to get access to TeleMed.

Ardmore Gynecology & Cosmetic Procedures

Southern Oklahoma Women's Health is a group of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and staff focused on the health and wellness for women of all ages. We are dedicated to bringing the very best aesthetic, wellness, health and rejuvenation procedures to our patients. Our doctors are experienced obstetricians and gynecologists and have successfully treated incontinence, infertility, endometriosis, hormone imbalance and body rejuvenation. We believe in treating the "whole person", meaning your health is based on a complex dynamic of your body, mind and spirit.

Our non-surgical AVIVA FEMtite Labiaplasty is changing intimate aesthetics for women. Our new Breast Augmentation, Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tucks) and Brazilian Butt Lifts are changing the way women feel about their bodies. Besides treating issues impacting women, our doctors also offer a wide range of health services and products including DaVinci robotic surgery (laparascopic gynecological surgery), tubal ligation, stertilization and the amazing technology that is 2D Ultrasound & 3D.

Pelvic Floor

We offer more intimate solutions than anyone in Oklahoma, for bladder control, labiaplasty, & intimate health.

Med Spa

We have a full med spa offering BOTOX, Juvederm, BodyTite liposuction & skin tightening system.

Breast Enhance

A shapely figure can correct defects and boost self esteem. Find out about our "No Breast Scar" implant.


Feel better and get your energy back with hormone replacement therapy for both men & women.
Southern Oklahoma Women's Center

Compassionate care for women of all ages

Southern Oklahoma Women's Health of Ardmore, Oklahoma, serves women starting in their teenage years, throughout their adult womanhood and into menopause. Throughout a woman's life, her gynecological needs change and our doctors and staff understand how best to serve their patients through each stage of life.

Southern Oklahoma Women's
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What do our patients have to say about Southern Oklahoma Women's Health?


I drove 2 hours from Cache (each way) & it was worth it. All of the staff are outstanding, personable & very knowledgeable. They took time to listen & answer my questions. Dr. Ramirez is the best GYN I have ever had—and at 58 I’ve had a few. I really appreciate his integrative approach to women’s health. I recommend this clinic highly. -- Bobbie J.


They are all so wonderful and Dr. Ramirez is such a great doctor. Well...I literally trust him with my life so that's about as much as you can compliment a group of healthcare professionals. I'm also an hour + drive and they are so considerate of my time by working in multiple things in one visit vs making me drive for many appointments.  -- Amanda S.



I have been looking for years for a good Doctor and I am so happy a friend of mine told me about SOWH! Dr Ramirez and his staff are amazing. I'm 54 years old and had been looking for a doctor that actually cared about my health and well being. Physically and emotionally. When he asked if I'd like to feel 20 something again, of course I said absolutely! His professionalism and bedside manner are impeccable. If you have ever considered hormone therapy, I'm telling you, it's amazing. I just got pellet #4. My energy levels are up. My hot flashes are GONE! I've lost weight without really trying and continue to drop pounds. Among some other absolutely amazing benefits. (hint hint).  Shout out to Carom and Holly! Two amazing professionals that along with Dr. Ramirez are helping me feel like a new woman! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! I'm loving the new me!  -- Nikki T. 


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