Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lifts are safe and well done in the hands of a skilled doctor. You can restore & enhance your shape

A Brazilian Butt Lift Can
Give You The Cha Cha Cha

Weight loss, aging, pregnancy and gravity can cause an individuals butt to become deflated and flat. A cosmetic surgery procedure to enhance the buttock using the patients own body fat is known as a Brazilian butt lift. Ardmore and Oklahoma City cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Henry Ramirez offers the Brazilian Butt Lift, which results in a rounder looking butt. This procedure is ideal for candidates who want a natural method to fill out their buttock. They must have enough fat to extra from somewhere else on the body and their skin elasticity should be in good shape. During this surgery, fat is liposuctioned from the hips or abdomen and is carefully grafted, refined and injected into the buttock. This cosmetic procedure has outstanding results and high satisfaction rates among our patients in Ardmore, Oklahoma City, North Texas and Dallas area patients.:

What To Expect

During the initial FREE CONSULTATION, your body will be assessed to determined where to perform minimally invasive Bobytite liposuction to extract the necessary amount of fat needed to perform the transfer. Multiple donor sites may be considered. The fat will be removed and grafted for a healthy, effective transfer. It will then be injected through a syringe into the buttocks. This process will take place over several steps, and many layers may be used until the desired result is achieved. Since there are no real incisions, scaring is highly unlikely. A Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient procedure is performed under light sedation at our surgical facility. The entire surgery generally takes 2 hours depending on how many donor sites are used and how many layers it takes to achieve the desired fullness. Following surgery, patients will experience swelling and bruising in both the fat removal areas as well as on the buttocks. Patients may find it difficult to sit, but are encouraged to do so once the swelling has subsided. It will take about 3 full months for the body to radjust to the new contour and shape, with the volume improving over the healing phase.

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