BodyTite for stomach, arms, thighs, and other areas

BodyTite for Stomach, Thighs, Arms, and More

For many people, there are certain stubborn areas of the body that seem resistant to diet and exercise. No matter how much effort is put in, the stomach refuses to flatten, thighs won’t slim down, and arms remain flabby. This is where the revolutionary BodyTite for stomach procedure can help. Offering customized body contouring for the stomach, thighs, arms and beyond, BodyTite utilizes advanced radiofrequency technology to smooth and tighten problem spots.

BodyTite represents a transformative shift in body contouring. This cutting-edge procedure effectively eliminates fat while also tightening loose, sagging skin. Areas all over the body can benefit from BodyTite, allowing patients to target their unique problem zones. With expert application of the BodyTite technology, previously difficult-to-treat areas can be contoured and toned for impressive aesthetic enhancement.

The BodyTite Revolution: A Brief Overview

BodyTite utilizes advanced radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) technology to provide customized body contouring with excellent results. It represents a major advancement in minimally invasive fat removal and skin tightening.

The procedure uses two handpieces to gently heat targeted areas from the inside out and outside in. The internal handpiece meticulously delivers thermal energy under the skin, heating fat cells to prepare them for removal. Simultaneously, the external handpiece applies thermal energy on top of the skin, triggering collagen renewal in the underlying tissue. This dual action shrinks fat cells, melts fatty deposits, and stimulates collagen production for firmer skin.

Unlike traditional liposuction, BodyTite achieves true skin tightening. The external application of thermal energy contracts fibroseptal bands, resulting in immediate tissue tightening with even more tightening emerging over the next few months. Patients benefit from a noticeably smoother, tighter and more contoured appearance.

With its outstanding body shaping capabilities, BodyTite has quickly become an in-demand procedure. It enables customized enhancement based on each patient’s unique goals, with long-lasting improvements to both fat reduction and skin laxity.

BodyTite for Stomach Sculpting: Flaunt Your Abs

Of all body image concerns, a flabby stomach is one of the most common. Regaining firmness and flatness in the midsection can seem unattainable. Fortunately, BodyTite offers a real solution.

The abdominal area often loses tone due to fat accumulation, loose skin after pregnancy or weight loss. Sit-ups and crunches alone are rarely enough to reveal sculpted abdominal muscles. Excess fat clings to the stomach stubbornly. Additionally, overlying skin can lose elasticity.

BodyTite is uniquely equipped to transform abdominal contour. The advanced radiofrequency technology eliminates unwanted fat through precise heating and melting. At the same time, the external handpiece triggers skin tightening and collagen rejuvenation. This dual effect provides firmer, tighter abs with eliminated fat pockets and minimized looseness.

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Sculpting the Thighs with BodyTite

If you suffer from flabby thighs, loose skin or cellulite, you’re not alone. Thighs are a common trouble spot that most women and many men wish they could change. BodyTite now makes it possible to comprehensively contour the thighs for beautiful results.

BodyTite smooths the thighs by tackling each concern through its dual fat-melting and skin-tightening action. The internal handpiece eliminates fatty deposits for slimming. Meanwhile, the external handpiece triggers skin contraction. This reduces looseness and also improves cellulite by tightening the fibroseptal bands of the skin.

Toning the Arms: Wave Goodbye to Flab

The upper arms tend to accumulate wobbly fat and loose skin, especially with aging. Diet and exercise alone rarely resolve this. BodyTite offers an effective solution with its ability to remove stubborn arm fat while also tightening any laxity.

The arm area is highly susceptible to fatty deposits and sagging. Weight loss can worsen loose hanging skin. Even fit individuals may be bothered by lack of arm tone. The minimally invasive BodyTite procedure transforms the upper arms through the following effects:

  • Melting away difficult fatty pockets in the triceps/bingo wings
  • Creating a tighter layer of skin for minimized sagging
  • Improving overall contour and definition of the arms

Beyond the Norm: BodyTite for Other Areas

While the stomach, thighs and arms represent common zones for body contouring, BodyTite’s capabilities extend even further. This versatile technology can be applied to many other areas that patients wish to refine.

Other areas that can benefit from BodyTite include:

  • Flanks/love handles
  • Bra bulge
  • Back and back rolls
  • Inner knees
  • Chest
  • Chin and neck
  • Male breasts

The BodyTite procedure adapts to improve body contour and tighten loose skin anywhere it is applied. The advanced radiofrequency technology provides effective enhancement of both small and large areas. Candidates should be in good health and have realistic expectations for optimal outcomes.

The Procedure: What to Expect

The BodyTite procedure is performed by the experienced Southwest Oklahoma Women’s Health team in our accredited facility.

BodyTite is performed under anesthesia, normally with local anesthesia with sedation or in some cases general anesthesia. The procedure time ranges from 2 to 4 hours depending on the number of areas being treated.

Dr. Ramirez uses the internal and external BodyTite handpieces to deliver targeted thermal energy to the underlying fat and overlying skin. After contouring treatment, we provide detailed aftercare instructions to promote smooth healing.

BodyTite RAFL Device

Recovery and Aftercare: Tips for Optimal Results

Proper aftercare is vital for the best results following BodyTite treatment. We provide all patients with a detailed guide for recovery and self-care. The following tips will help maintain excellent outcomes over the long term.

  • Avoid strenuous activity for 2-4 weeks post-procedure as the body heals. Walking is encouraged to boost circulation.
  • Wear the recommended compression garment as directed to support proper healing.
  • Expect some swelling, bruising, numbness and tenderness as side effects. These resolve quickly.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and adhere to a balanced diet to nurture the body.
  • Results will continue improving over 3-6 months.  We will schedule follow-up appointments to check on your progress.
  • Apply diligent sun protection to avoid damage to treated areas.
  • Maintain results through healthy lifestyle choices.

Following this advice helps our patients enjoy their improved body contours for years to come.

Cost and Value: An Investment in Your Body Contouring Goals

The cost of BodyTite is unique to each patient and their custom treatment plan. During private consultations, we provide accurate pricing based on the areas being addressed and other factors. We offer financing options to make this worthwhile investment more accessible. The rewards of BodyTite far outweigh the cost when considering the dramatic improvements in appearance and confidence. By proactively addressing your body concerns, you make a choice to feel your best for years to come. The results justify the investment many times over.

BodyTite Delivers Truly Transormative Body Contouring

BodyTite delivers truly transformative body contouring with its ability to eliminate fat and tighten skin anywhere on the body. With expert application of the radiofrequency technology, patients can finally achieve the toned, smooth physique they desire. BodyTite represents the next generation of body shaping, providing a bespoke solution customized to your unique needs.

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